FutureSmart: Financial Literacy Education Course for Kids


A MassMutual Foundation nationwide initiative that brings critical financial education to middle and high school students across the United States.

Why FutureSmart?

Do you think you know the basics when it comes to financial literacy? By the time adolescents reach middle school, they have already developed the capacity to understand complex economic concepts, make financial judgments, and assign value to purchases and brands. Yet the majority of today’s schoolchildren are not receiving the personal finance education they need to navigate the modern financial world.

The MassMutual Foundation is confident that financial education is the key to reversing some of the chilling trends in financial literacy, capacity, and wealth distribution. Through our partnership with EVERFI, leading social impact education innovator, we’ve been able to bring FutureSmart to over 2 million students.

Financial education for young people - is it working?

How can we evaluate the effectiveness of providing financial education tools to students? MassMutual has embarked on an ambitious two-year study to track knowledge gain and long-term behavioral impact on students who completed the FutureSmart program.

Can You Ace this 5-Question Financial Literacy Quiz?

Young adults were asked 5 questions from the FutureSmart Digital course in a recent nationwide survey. Only about one in five got them all right. How about you? Check out the questions, answers, as well as some information about where the questions came from and why they are important.

The Dollars and Sense of Financial Literacy

The need for financial literacy – the basic understanding of financial concepts and practices – is growing for four basic reasons. The reasons are both cultural and educational. But the problem is growing and likely to take a larger toll on society unless communities and businesses get involved.