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The MassMutual Foundation is here to support and provide educators with the basic financial knowledge needed to not only teach topics like saving and budgeting, but to build their own financial capability.

Support for Educators

So much of your focus as an educator is on the well-being of your students, but your own personal development is just as important. Explore the resources below to get started.

Build your
financial literacy

Digital personal finance learning plans and professional development webinars simplify seemingly complex concepts into bite-sized lessons.

Become a
FutureSmart Certified Teacher

Professional development meant to deepen educators’ own financial knowledge for their classroom, their personal lives, and beyond.

Resources for your classroom


FutureSmart videos

Play these engaging, 90-second videos for your students to help teach about important financial education topics such as opportunity cost, the law of supply and demand, and the Industrial Revolution.


FutureSmart lesson plans

Check out these turnkey lesson plans – designed by FutureSmart teachers – that include objectives, materials, and directions.

Resources for Students

Bring FutureSmart to your classroom

FutureSmart is a free digital financial education program for middle school students that empowers them to manage their finances, make sound decisions and become financially responsible.

Opportunity to win a $5,000 scholarship!

Students who complete at least three lessons of FutureSmart can share what they learned for the opportunity to win a $5,000 529 College Savings gift card.