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Resources For Parents

Just 43 percent of parents describe themselves as “well prepared” for financial conversations. The interactive resources on this page will help you take a step together with your student to become more financially savvy.

Budgeting Priorities Worksheet

Smart Shopping

Students will think back to their time as the Mayor of Townville and make budgeting decisions for their FutureSmart town. Parents or adults will provide pieces of candy to demonstrate concepts like scarcity and opportunity cost as the students are budgeting.

Teaching Kids about Money

Personal Values

Mariah, at The Simple Parent, shares what she learned about teaching, children, and money habits from a FutureSmart Challenge in her hometown of Houston, TX – including tips, insights, and highlights from Hill Harper’s presentation.

Comparing Stocks Worksheet

Your Financial Future

Students will have an opportunity to connect investing concepts to their every day lives. In this activity, students think about companies and brands they interact with on a regular basis, then are asked to look up details regarding the stocks of those companies and brands on the New York Stock Exchange website!

How I Teach my Middle School Students Financial Literacy in a Way that Stays with Them

Personal Values

Nicole Albion from We are Teachers has one goal: Set her students up for a successful future now. Financial literacy plays a big role in helping Nicole achieve that goal, while digital financial education courses like FutureSmart give her a way to connect her lessons to the real-world.

Transaction Types Worksheet

Ways To Pay

Is it best to pay with a Debit Card or a Credit Card? In FutureSmart, students helped Trevor answer that question. With the Transaction Types Worksheet, students have another opportunity to evaluate whether payments are best made with a credit card or a debit card while evaluating different transaction types.

6 Things Kids Should Know to Be Financially Smart, Maybe Even Smarter Than Parents

Personal Values

After seeing Hill Harper speak and educate students about financial literacy during a FutureSmart Challenge, Cool Mom Picks’ Liz Gumbinner was inspired to create her mantra about financial education and financial literacy to help kids become smarter financial decision makers. Liz’s list is comprehensive and simple for parents to teach and reinforce at home.

Career Wheel Worksheet

Growing A Business

Explore the skills, characteristics, and training needed for different types of jobs and careers with the Career Wheel activity. All you need is a fidget spinner and some paper! Students will spin the wheel and have conversations about a variety of career options and what it takes to pursue those careers.

Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids Money Tips

Personal Values

Kathy from the Crafty Chica Blog found visuals for her kids to help make understanding money habits easy. With so many parents living paycheck to paycheck themselves, Kathy outlines a few bona fide ideas that make it easy for parents to bring money lessons to life and teach their children positive financial habits.

Investing in You Worksheet

Investing In You

In FutureSmart, students helped Sydney choose her college major and career path. With the Investing In You worksheet, students begin to explore the options for college and career paths that they have at their fingertips. By answering a few personal questions, students will begin to formulate a plan for their continued education and career training.

6 Ways to Teach Kids Financial Literacy

Personal Values

The Boston Mamas walked away from their local FutureSmart Challenge with 6 ideas that, when implemented correctly, can mean that students top even their parents where financial smarts are concerned. The Boston Mamas share a series of helpful thoughts and visuals for parents looking to enforce smart financial behaviors.

Blueprint MASH Worksheet

Personal Values

Planning for the future is a major component of the FutureSmart Digital course. What is planning without a blueprint! With the Blueprint MASH worksheet, students evaluate their personal values and priorities so that they can put pen to paper on the choices and financial decisions that will put them on a path to their ideal future state.

4 Ways Digital Financial Literacy is Improving Student Outcomes

Personal Values

When Dennis Duquette, President of the MassMutual Foundation, looks back on FutureSmart’s reach and impact, he thinks of the people who it’s been able to touch. In a compelling article, Dennis shares the stories of 4 individuals – students, teachers, administrators, and community members, who have been personally moved by the FutureSmart program.

Resources for Students

While FutureSmart ensures that students gain exposure to crucial financial literacy skills and knowledge while in the classroom, it’s important to continue to reinforce those lessons beyond the school day. Interactive resources, including a series of digital flashcards, are available to students online so they can keep learning and practicing financial lessons no matter where life takes them.

Companion Mobile App

Students also have access to a mobile app that extends important lessons from the course into their everyday lives through a fun financial literacy game. This simulation-based experience takes students through the financial decisions they’ll face over the course of their lives and models positive financial behaviors along the way.

The FutureSmart app is available in English and Spanish.