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Teacher Certification

EVERFI and the MassMutual Foundation have teamed up to offer a unique professional development opportunity available to educators at no cost.

Through the FutureSmart Professional Development Program, educators can strengthen their own financial capability, while also building upon the financial knowledge needed to teach FutureSmart and other financial literacy courses.

Steps to become FutureSmart Certified:

Steps to become FutureSmart Certified:


  • Implement FutureSmart in your classroom
  • Complete three (3) Financial Education playlists on the FutureSmart Educator Platform. Each educator must take the Financial Foundations playlist. Educators will select the other two topics based on personal interest. Please create a registration in order to have your module completions tracked. 
  • View one (1) webinar from EVERFI’s educator webinar series (below)
  • Submit a short video sharing a highlight or key takeaway from using FutureSmart in your classroom and submit via the I’ve completed everything – become Certified today form (directions below)



What you’ll get from the MassMutual Foundation FutureSmart Certified Teacher Program:


  • FutureSmart Certification to boost your resume and a badge for your email signature
  • Deepen your own understanding of personal finance topics like Paying off Student Loans, Homeownership, and Planning for Retirement through course modules designed specifically with educators in mind
  • Access to a library of webinars around various educational topics
  • Network of teachers across the country to learn from and share best practices
  • FutureSmart swag



Program details:


  • Deadline: Fall cohort will run until December 31, 2022. Complete the program components listed above and submit this form to receive your FutureSmart Certification for the 2022-2023 School Year.
  • Register: Complete registration on the FutureSmart Educator Platform and complete three learning playlists. Teachers must take the Financial Foundations playlist and choose two other playlists to complete based on personal interest.
  • Length: The program will take approximately three (3) hours to complete, in addition to classroom implementation of FutureSmart.



Instructions for creating your certification video:

Submit a short video (approximately 1-2 minutes) summarizing a highlight or key takeaway from using FutureSmart in your classroom.

Filming Tips:

  • Position yourself in the middle third of the frame — not too much space on either side or above or below you.
  • With the camera held slightly higher than eye level, look directly into the camera lens and try not to let your eyes dart around.
  • Begin by sharing your name and school.
  • Most importantly, relax and have fun!