Scholarship Contest | FutureSmart


Enter for an opportunity to win up to $5,000 in college savings gift cards!

FutureSmart Scholarship Contest

As a FutureSmart student, you’re eligible to enter the scholarship contest for an opportunity to be awarded a gift card to a 529 college savings plan. Throughout the school year, a total of twenty students will receive a $2,000 gift card and two grand prize winners will receive a $5,000 gift card.

Read an excerpt from a recent winner

“After taking the FutureSmart program, I was able to obtain a better understanding of how and why I should spend my money. In fact, this course gave me a completely new perspective on financial decision making; so much that I decided to start a monthly income/expenses notebook so that I could regulate the amount of money that I spent each month.”

Isaac R.

Follow the steps below for a chance to win!

Step 1

Complete at least three lessons from either FutureSmart or SmartEconomics, presented by the MassMutual Foundation.

Step 2

Submit a short essay about what you learned and how either FutureSmart or SmartEconomics made an impact on you. Limit one entry per person.

Lucky winners

A committee of judges will read each submission and select a total of 22 student winners throughout the school year.


Fall semester entries must be submitted by January 15, 2024.
Spring semester entries must be received by June 10, 2024.

Submission form instructions

After completing at least three lessons of FutureSmart or SmartEconomics, submit a short essay (350-500 words) that answers ONE of the following questions. Please be specific. Think about your future and how the financial knowledge you gained in these lessons can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Question 1:

How will the FutureSmart or SmartEconomics course impact the decisions you make moving forward? Explain two ways the program changed your attitude or behavior.

Question 2:

What are your future goals (college, travel, volunteering, dream job)? How has either the FutureSmart or SmartEconomics course helped you prepare to achieve these goals? Be specific.

Question 3:

Out of everything you learned from the FutureSmart or SmartEconomics course, which financial skills are most important when planning your financial future? If you were to share these skills with your community or family, how might it impact their future?

Past Student Winners

“I have also started saving my money and I asked my Mom to open a high yield savings account to help me gain interest on my funds. The FutureSmart program has taught me the importance of saving my money and how to save it. My Mom is going to take me to the bank to open my own savings account. I’m excited to see how much interest I’ll have gained on my funds at the end of 12 months.”

Selso O.

“The FutureSmart courses helped me solve many of my problems now I’m not so scared of adulthood… FutureSmart taught me how to pay for rent, manage time and money, prepare for retirement, and a lot of other fundamental life skills. I also am very thankful for all the incredible ways you’ve fit all these essential life skills in a way that kids my age can understand!”

Elyana B.

“I truly believe the FutureSmart: Financial Literacy for Middle School program has allowed me to prepare for my future as an adult…I discovered how to manage my money wisely, choosing how to spend to ensure I stay within budget. Additionally, I now know how to find what career choice would be right for me… the decision to study and enter the career of engineering passionately.”

Edison C.

“The FutureSmart program has informed me on how to use money diligently, so my monetary decisions will positively influence my financial stability. For instance, module two “Smart Shopping,” educated me about the importance of needs versus wants, and taught me to pay for items necessary to survive, and less on things I prefer.”

Peyton W.

“Before the FutureSmart program, I used to be uninterested in financial practices. However, after the FutureSmart program, I have gained a renewed sense of interest after seeing the importance of these financial practices in the long run and the ways practicing good financial practices now can encourage good monetary practices for years to come. I also learned of the steps I can take now to encourage good monetary habits, such as evaluating the necessity of things I buy and planning for college. The FutureSmart program has not only provided me with the knowledge of good financial practices but the ways to implement them to positively affect my future habits.”

Jonathan C.
New Jersey

“When we know and understand the different ways to pay, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, we can better decide our method of payment based on our unique circumstances. In my view, you are never too young or old to learn about money management; though, it is best to start early. I am grateful FutureSmart has offered me the opportunity to learn about different ways to manage my expenses. I feel more prepared for my future financial responsibilities because of this learning experience.”

Camila V.

“The course gave me a clear understanding of needs and wants and a good understanding of the value of things. The times I had to decide on buying things I needed; I checked to see if buying used or an older model makes sense. For example, since I play competitive tennis, I need tennis racquets and good tennis shoes. I realized that a gently used tennis racquet with new strings and a new grip or a previous year model tennis racquet, will save me (my parents rather) a lot of money and still give me the performance I need.”

Krish A.
North Carolina

“Now I know that it is better to pay off your credit card balances on time to keep a good credit score and not get charged with extra fees or accumulate credit card debt. I learned that instead of making frivolous expenses I need to stick with my budget daily. This will help me save for important goals in my life such as going to medical school and owning a house.”

Saniya C.